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City Sports Jobs

Every City Sports location offers a variety of sporting goods. Products include footwear, equipment, and apparel. Training assistance is also offered by knowledgeable staff members. Employees who are hired to join existing teams have fun in sports-centric environments. Everyday responsibilities revolve around exercise and athletics. Employees still place customer service as a priority, particularly for those in sales or cashier positions. For success in a managerial position, career professionals must prioritize customer satisfaction.

City Sports employees are ambassadors for the brand. As ambassadors for City Sports, associates must be knowledgeable about athletic trends as well as have insight into related clothing and accessories. Every day, hundreds of customers visit the high-volume store. The store’s location in major cities encourages patronage. This often results in fast-paced, sometimes chaotic retail environments. No matter what job title, it is important to be able to think quickly and direct customers to the right departments and merchandise. Candidates looking for customer service and sales jobs will also benefit from their personal interests in supporting young athletes and helping them with their sports activities.

City Sports Jobs Prospects and Pay Scales

City Sports hires individuals aged 16 or older. Candidates under 18 years old may require special permits in order to work for the retail chain of sporting goods. Part-time and seasonal jobs are available for job seekers. Part-time and seasonal jobs offer flexibility in scheduling while full-time positions often have 40-hour work week. These jobs are open to potential employees:

Sales Associate – This position is for applicants who are looking to interact with other people both in one-on-one or in groups. Part-time or full-time work options are available, as well as consistent manual labor and daily interaction with customers. The worker must be in good physical condition and be able to stand for extended periods of time. As sales associates often demonstrate equipment or retrieve products from back storage areas, they may need to bend, stoop, squat, and reach. Other duties include organizing and straightening shelves, operating cash registers, answering questions about equipment, apparel, shoes, and store policies. People who are sincere and committed often find it easy to get employment. Entry-level positions do not require any previous experience. Sales associates are often hired by stores for $8.00 an hour. With raises up to $11.00 per hour, the maximum hourly pay is $11.00

Tips for Applying

The online application can be downloaded in PDF format from the sporting goods chain. The link is attached to the forms. Applicants can download the documents and fill out the application. The documents can also be attached to emails by workers. Visits to City Sports locations may result in an immediate interview or on-the spot review by hiring managers.

Application Status

The retail chain usually takes several days to process documents and reach out to potential employees after workers have submitted them by email or in-person. To gain consideration for a job, job seekers who are looking for an edge might send emails or make phone calls to follow up. After completing job interviews, workers may follow up with their managers. Many applicants say that there is no need to follow-up, since the chain will usually make decisions about hiring after the initial interview.

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