You have a lot to gain from owning many brands. Callaway is an expert at finding these opportunities. Its acquisition TravisMathew was a huge success. Now TravisMathew is expanding with a sub-brand called cuater golf shoes. This lifestyle brand inside a lifestyle company, if I may say so, has been a big hit.


Cuater Golf Shoes is not XXIO-level, but it requires a tutorial. You can picture Barry Kripke trying out crater. You don’t have to know Barry Kripke if you want to. Just add a C before the word waiter.

K.C. says, “The last few years, Cuater was a sub-brand for TravisMathew.” Clarke, Cuater Senior Marketing Manager. “We had two styles for casual footwear, very basic and basic.

Cuater introduced four Cuater golf footwear to its retail channels, as well as its direct-toconsumer and eCommerce channels. They include the Ringer, Moneymaker and Wildcard models.

Both “Simple” or “Basic” are still appropriate.

Clarke says that each cuater golf shoe is unique. The Wildcard is an example of a casual approach to playing golf. It’s not obvious that you are wearing them out. The Legend is for the more traditional golfer, while the Ringer is more modern and athletic.

Cuater seems to be focusing on the Moneymaker and the Ringer, as it would appear. Both will give you a casual, True Linkswear-ish vibe. Clarke says that cuater golf shoes doesn’t believe its customers need to be dressed in loudly-branded golf apparel.


Minimalism is a common catchphrase in golf. According to manufacturers, younger golfers prefer simple and clean shots that are not too technical.

Clarke says, “The way we view the golf footwear market is that there’s a lot more unnecessary technology.” Take BOA. This big turn dial is located on the back of your cuater-golf shoe. It does nothing but tighten your cuater-golf shoes and not just tie it.

BOA supporters may disagree, but Horton Smith once told Lloyd Mangrum that different technologies can be used to tie cuater golf shoes for different people.

Cuater Golf Shoe Nirvana is located at the intersection between Style Street, Comfort Boulevard, and Performance Avenue. It can be difficult to locate on the map. There are many options for cuater golf shoes with sexy looks, but no stability or traction. There are also stable cuater shoes that offer traction and comfort, but don’t look like they belong on a circus performer. Rarely do you find all three.

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