You won’t regret buying a quality neck warmer, no matter the season. There are several things you should consider when choosing the best cycling neck gaiter.

Comfortable, versatile, and warm, the best cycling neck gaiters are durable. You can ride the neck warmer over your head depending on the temperature. Due to the pandemic, such use is now commonplace.


How warm and dry it is will depend on the material of your cycling neck warmer. It will dry faster to repel sweat and moisture, rather than keeping your neck dry from the rain.

Fleece neck warms are great for keeping warm Badminton Club during cold morning commutes. However, they don’t dry quickly and absorb water so they can be difficult to use in wet conditions. A fleece neck gaiter warmer placed over your mouth can cause condensation. This makes it more difficult to breathe.

Premium brands use a combination of Elastane, Polyester, and Nylon (also known by lycra), which combine the best of each material to create the perfect balance of comfort, moisture-wicking, and stretchiness. The company will tell you the % of each material in their products. These three materials can be combined to create the perfect cycling neck gaiter. It is weather-resistant, warm, and moisture-wicking, and it retains its shape even after repeated uses.


Which material works best for you will depend on the temperature in which you cycle. Don’t get too attached to the thickness of neck warmers. The theory is that thicker neck warmers are better.

Fit and Size

The most popular neck gaiter for cyclists is the tubular style that you pull over your heads. These are very easy to wear and versatile. You can use extra-long versions to cover your entire head and protect your ears from the wind.


It is important to look good on the bike. Find a cycling neck gaiter that fits your style. There are many options for colours and styles. While black is the most versatile, you can use neck warmers to add some colour to your cycling outfit.

Innovative New Products

Innovative companies are adding new features. Craft Cadence’s new cycling neck gaiter, for example, will be seamless and made from Far-Infrared fibre. This fiber provides both UV protection and anti-bacteria functionality. It will be treated with Polygiene’s ViralOff technology. This is certified to kill all viruses, including COVID-19, within two hours.

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