How to satisfy your RIT women’s hockey needs.

You can now get excited about the RIT Women’s Hockey season, which is just a month away. The Internet is a wealth of information that will satisfy all your RIT hockey data needs. Social media pages are maintained by commentators, journalists, and players, as well the teams and conferences. They provide you with the latest information, thoughts, and behind-the-scenes looks.

The RIT Athletics page is a great place to start looking for information about RIT Women’s Hockey. This page provides current information about both teams, including stats and standings. You will also find articles and archives about RIT Hockey dating back many decades. It’s possible to find information about the RIT Women’s Hockey roster from 1966-1967 in RIT’s archives. The Atlantic Hockey website has great stats and standings information. The website provides information about all 11 conference teams and covers more than just RIT. Statistic on players shows how RIT Women’s players compare to other teams. It also gives RIT’s standings compared with all the teams in conference. The archived statistics give player standings back to 2003/04 hockey season. After becoming a D-I team in 2005, the RIT Women’s hockey team was created.

The Airwaves

This is something that many long-time RIT Women’s Hockey fans already know. WITR 89.7, RIT’s student radio station, broadcasts live RIT games. WITR broadcasts all RIT Women’s hockey games on FM radio and their Internet stream. RIT Women’s home games are also broadcast over a secondary Internet stream that can be accessed from their website. The broadcasts include interviews with players and information about the games. When you are unable to attend a game, make sure you tune in to 89.7 FM once the season begins. There are also a few other shows that focus on hockey, including WITR. WITR will host Drop the Puck, a talk show about hockey that will air on September 23rd, the day before the first game.

People to Follow

Twitter provides live updates about your favorite teams. Reporters, team pages and commentators will provide information as it happens, both during and after the season. These accounts can be followed in real-time because Twitter is spontaneous. Many accounts are focused on RIT Women’s hockey.


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