Guide to “Kid Kick Boxing”

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By FredrickHobbs

Guide to “Kid Kick Boxing”

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By FredrickHobbs

The 3 Essential Elements of kid kick boxing

BOXING is the first element of kid kick boxing.Here, you’re turning your fists as well as your forearms into weapons or shields. Your fists are used to generate force and impact to inflict injury on your opponent. Boxing is a very natural sport. Boxing should feel effortless. Boxing is almost always taught to beginners right away.

KICKING is the 2nd element of kid Kick boxing.

Kicking involves using your feet and shins to make spears or swords. Common kicks include Hook Kicks, Hook Kicks, Side Kicks, Hook Kicks, and Heel Hook Kicks. The fighting stance for Kicking is very different from that for Boxing. Kicking will require you to lean back in order to reach your legs and extend your arms. This is opposed to the Boxing fighting stance where you will be leaning forward so that you can punch harder.

Combining your kid kick boxing and PUNCHES

The third aspect of kid Kickboxing is to combine your punches with your kicks in a smooth and eloquent fashion so that your punches create your kicks, and your kicks create your punches. Kid Kick boxing is a sport that requires a lot of movement. Most people will use their feet to strike.

They are kicking, then they are boxing. To master the art of combining your punches and kicks in a seamless, fluid manner takes patience. Keep at it, and you will soon be punching and kicking like Chuck Norris.

The 6 Core Punches in Boxing

We’ll show you 6 basic Boxing punches as part of The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Kid Kick Boxing. There are many other punches, and many variations on each punch type, but these are the six basic punches that you will need to start Boxing or kid kick boxing.

The Jab is punch 1.

The jab is a straight punch to the nose of your opponent, thrown with your left arm.

Punch 2:

Straight Right Hand. Sometimes called a Cross, the Straight Right Hand is also known as a Cross. It is a punch that you throw directly at your opponent’s nose.

Because you complement the punch of the Straight Right Hand with the rotation and movement of your hips, the Straight Right Hand is a powerful tool.

These are quick tips to help you throw the Straight Right Hand correctly.

The Left Hook is punch 3.

The Left Hook is a punch you throw to the right side or your opponent’s face.

The Right Hook is 4.

The Right Hook is a powerful punch that’s thrown to the left of your opponent’s face.

Punch 5:

The Left Uppercut. The Left Uppercut refers to a punch that is thrown with your left arm and travels up from below the floor. This punch is intended to strike the jaw or front of your opponent with a single punch.

Punch 6:

The Right Uppercut. The Right Uppercut, a punch that you throw with your right hand and which has incredible power because of the rotation of your hips.