Donald Trump is “Mace Sports” favorite POTUS candidate

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By FredrickHobbs

Donald Trump is “Mace Sports” favorite POTUS candidate

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By FredrickHobbs

This sign is a part of our full-line Sporting Goods Store, which sells all things Shooting.

You might be surprised to hear that we received one phone call, one Google review and two emails dissatisfied with our sign. If you feel that our support was not correct, you can shop anywhere that doesn’t support our second Amendment rights and Donald Trump in mace sports. I can’t think of any store that sells Firearms besides Walmart. We believe that to keep our business afloat, we need someone who supports our right to bear arms.They claimed that they purchased a firearm from our shop.

Remington Products Available at Retail

Remington has made it clear that they won’t be selling direct to independent dealers such as Mace Sports, Inc. We are forced to purchase through distributors, if we decide to buy from Remington. This adds to both our cost and Shedhorn Sports yours as a consumer.

Remington has exempted big-box retailers from its policy, giving them a lower price and unfair advantage over independent retailers. We plan to reduce Remington’s product offering.

This week’s Shooting Sports Retailer article sums it all pretty well

Remington Outdoor Company confirmed that it will not sell firearms directly to gun shops, in a move that is causing some retailers to be confused.

Remington spokesperson Jessica Kallam stated that the company believes the changes will “improve service to independent retailers.”

“Independent retailers will continue stocking [Remington Outdoor Company] product, even though they are supplied through distribution,” she said. She told Shooting Sports Retailer that wholesalers were also available.

Grand Re-Opening Mace Sports

It was impossible to have imagined that our Grand Re-Opening Mace Sports would attract so many people. We would like to thank all our wonderful customers. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones. It was nice to get to know people and to hear their stories.

There were great deals on many products, and we gave away a lot of stuff (t-shirts. Hats. Magazines. Insulated Mugs …)) with all purchases. We are sorry for the long lines and longer waits.

The draw for coolers and guns is set for September 31st. If you have not yet entered Mace sports, please stop by to put your name into the pot.

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