Tips for beginners on how to juggle a soccer ball

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By FredrickHobbs

Tips for beginners on how to juggle a soccer ball

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By FredrickHobbs

Juggling is often viewed as a non-essential skill and doesn’t translate into the game in the same way Epic Soccer Training does. Many young soccer players are wrong.

This article will explain what you need to know in order to be a great juggler. It will also discuss the benefits and the pitfalls to avoid. All Party Football is dedicated to providing you with the best information and resources for improving your soccer game. was created to help new soccer players find the best gear.

The benefits of juggling a soccer ball

Many players believe juggling is an ineffective skill that has little to do with soccer. It is often used as a showpiece. Although you won’t see players doing 10 juggles during a match, that doesn’t make juggling useless. You can improve your game by juggling a soccerball. These benefits include:

Improve ball control by juggling – This is an easy and quick way to improve your ball control.

Improved first touch – Juggling can improve your awareness and control when it comes down to first touches.

You can improve your skill with a weaker foot. Many beginners start with one foot, and use the stronger foot to do most of the work. The weaker foot is only used for touch or dribbling. Juggling can improve your touch, ball control, and confidence in your weaker feet so that you can be an ambidextrous soccer player.

Increased confidence – Although it is difficult to quantify the confidence you get from being an excellent juggler, it is definitely noticeable.

Improvement in eye-foot coordination – Good foot-eye coordination is crucial for being a successful soccer player. Juggling is a great method to improve it.

Receive the ball in the air and help you become a master ball receiver. You can get there by juggling.

Here are the best tips for making you a better soccer ball-juggler. These tips will help you greatly.

Be consistent

This tip is why I placed it at the top. It is the most important tip. You must practice if you want to become a great juggler. This doesn’t just mean kicking the ball around for a few minutes once a week. You must practice at least five days per week if you want to see significant improvement in your skills.

To Catch the Ball, Drop it on Your Feet

You should drop the ball on one foot, then move it up and grab it. You want the ball to go straight up, just like it would if you were doing two juggles. This can be done with both your left and right foot.

Use both feet

Jugglers who are just starting out make the most common mistake of using their dominant foot. This is not the right way to go. Although you may be able to do more juggles using your dominant foot, juggling can have many benefits. One of these is the improvement of your weaker foot. You are really limiting your potential if you only use your dominant foot all the time. You don’t want one of those people who can only juggle on one foot. They are more impressive than you.

Make sure you hit the ball with the right part of your foot

It is crucial that you juggle with the correct foot. Otherwise, the ball will fly in the wrong direction.

A ball that is slightly underinflated should be used

A ball slightly under-inflated is the best option when choosing a ball to juggle. Overinflated balls, or properly inflated ones, will bounce harder and be harder to control. You will get the best results if your ball is slightly underinflated (not flat).

Don’t Kick Your Legs Up Too High

New jugglers often kick their legs too high while juggling the ball. You only need your feet to kick the ball a few inches above the ground. The rule of thumb is that the lower your leg goes, the less control you have.

Make sure to use the insides of your feet

The insides of your feet are a great tool for juggling. They can be especially helpful when you need to kick the ball close to your body. This is my personal favorite kick for juggling. It gives you a lot more control.