Tips from a Coach to Improve Your Tennis Game

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By FredrickHobbs

Tips from a Coach to Improve Your Tennis Game

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By FredrickHobbs

These are some simple tips that will help you play at any level. These tips can be used with or without a coach. CoachTube is dedicated to giving every athlete around the globe the how to coach tennis information, knowledge and motivation they need in order to grow as students and athletes. This is done by offering online coaching from some of the most respected coaches in the world. These lessons are accessible online, so students can learn whenever and wherever they want.

Everything I’ve achieved is directly related to seeing and then speaking a few words. Demonstrations are important as many people learn a lot faster from vision.

Get started early

It is impossible to prepare quickly enough – you must turn your hips, shoulders and chest before the ball hits your side. GET THAT RACQUET BACK!

Do not underestimate the importance of your follow through

No matter what sport you play, the majority of people can improve their performance by not getting too nervous or allowing your opponent to control play.

Do not just think about hitting the ball, but exaggerate how you follow through. MOVEMENT OF YOUR FEET

Two bounces and you’re out

You will never let the ball bounce twice when you rally. Even if it seems impossible, you must always run for the ball.

When Venus and Serena were six- and seven-years old, Richard Williams said to them, “Don’t think, just run, and hit the ball.”

Play on a court without lines. Whatever comes to your mind, it’s in play.


Many players will just hit the ball, then look at the ball and congratulate themselves. You must now hit and recover.

You should watch the pros. It looks like they are still recovering from their hit. This is not something I recommend. Do what you have to do and return to your original position.


Your practice partner and I should start at the serve line, but we must stand between the singles- and doubles lines. Rally or play point hitting only between the lines.

As confidence builds, you can move back until you reach the baseline. You must have a solid foundation, complete balance and a good understanding of how to read between the lines. This is also important for early preparation.

A Safety Target

Many players will play the lines and overplay the ball.

Vegas spends billions on casinos. Why? Why?

Boris Becker (He Had 4 Serves).

Boris taught me many things while I was working with him that helped me to be a better coach. This was how he approached his service:

He was ready to go;

He went through the entire serve motion, including where he would serve;

If he missed his first serve, he would still do his 1st and continue.

What is the best time to communicate?

There are many opinions about how to talk and when to talk.

There is no one person like another, so you need to adapt your approach to the individual student.