WWE Raw Results: Advantage Sheamus at Elimination Chamber

There were just six days until the next pay-per view, WWE Elimination Chamber. So Monday Night RAW’s latest episode was bound to be a buildup. It worked out as The Miz pulled his name from Elimination Chamber Match to win the wwe raw results title.

The biggest surprise of the evening came later in the program when Lacey Evans discovered that she was pregnant while Lacey Evans was in her tag team match against Asuka. This effectively means that Asuka’s Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Raw Women title against Lacey Evans is unlikely to take place and WWE has yet to announce her replacement.

The Miz was defeated by Kofi Kingston

The Miz was stunned by Kofi’s near-falls and won the battle against him at the start. With back-to-back neck-breakers on the apron, and then the one on the floor, the Miz changed the tide. The action continued, but The New Day member had the last laugh when Kofi turned Skull-Crushing Finale into an armbar and then followed up with Trouble in Paradise to win. This win earned Kofi a spot in the WWE RAW Results Championship Elimination Chamber Match.

Gets the final entry into WWE RAW Results Championship Elimination chamber Match

A gauntlet match was created to determine who entered the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber last. AJ Style and Kofi Kinnon Mecole Hardman Fantasy Football kicked off the main event. The Phenomenal one won with Phenomenal Forearm. Drew McIntyre, the wwe raw results Champion was next in line. Styles was the dominant champion at the start, but Styles won the day when he caught McIntyre in Calf Crusher. McIntyre won with a headbutt. McIntyre avoided the Phenomenal Forearm, and delivered Claymore to win. Jeff Hardy came next and worked on the WWE champion, but McIntyre won again with the Claymore kick.

The Viking Raiders won the tag team battle royal and earned a chance at the Raw title. John Morrison, representing his team with The Miz and getting eliminated second behind Lince Dorado on behalf of Lucha House Party, entered the match alone. Randy Orton, RK-Bro was last eliminated by the Raiders to win this match.

Jaxson Ryker defeated. Elias via countout, when Elias ran out of the ring and into backstage.

WWE RAW Results Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo were tied at two after Carrillo hit an outside Spanish fly. Sheamus, who was commentating the match, said that neither man won.

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