There are many reasons to join the Dayton “Discgolfscene”

All of this is Discgolfscene, and you should give it a Chance

Discgolfscene is a well-established trend that has existed since the 1970s. However, did you know that Dayton is a hotbed for courses suitable for all levels as well as a number of tournaments in southwestern Ohio? Perhaps you should consider joining the scene if you aren’t already.

1.The Dayton scene is a thriving Discgolfscene 

President of the Dayton DiscGolfscene Association, B.J. Burke views the Gem City as the core of disc golfing. Players travel from all over the country to play on one or more of the many local courses. The DDGA hosts a variety tournaments throughout the year that bring players from all over the state.

2. It’s easy to get Involved With two Local Organizations

  1. It is a great help to have two local organizations who can provide all the information you need and get you started in Dayton’s disc-golf world.
  2. Since 2002, the Hazy Shade Discgolfscene Store in Belmont has been a one stop shop for all your disc golf needs. They sell WWE Raw Results everything you need, from drivers and putters to maximize your throws, to apparel and bags, to targets and baskets and apparel. You can even practice your skills with the  help of their experienced staff.

3. It’s also very Affordable to Play Discgolfscene

You will need a disc to start (and you can borrow one from a buddy until you are ready to invest). A car is also necessary to get to the course.

The Miami Valley has a course for everyone. Burke recommends that beginners play the Englewood MetroPark 18 hole course, or the Twin Creek course in Kercher Park in Germantown. Handyman Ace Hardware in Fairborn and the Sycamore Trails Park Course in Miamisburg are good options for those who enjoy a challenge.

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