Five Tips to Deal with Absentee Owners in Fantasy Football Leagues

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By FredrickHobbs

Five Tips to Deal with Absentee Owners in Fantasy Football Leagues

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By FredrickHobbs

1. Season-long incentives

Fantasy Football Leagues As a commissioner for a 16-year old league, I understand how difficult it can be to keep everyone engaged throughout the year. We have introduced incentives that have kept all 10 owners involved from Week 1 through Week 16.

A weekly prize for the team with the highest score each week is my favorite incentive. This bonus will give your owners an incentive to care, whether it’s a monetary reward or priority on the waiverwire. Even the worst teams in the league can light a firefly once or twice. Participation will increase if you make those weeks count.

2. Find consolation!

No one wants to end the season in the consolation bracket. Even consolation can serve a purpose. You can spice up your consolation with a monetary prize, or a small advantage in the next season’s draft.

My league guarantees the consolation champion a top three pick in next years’ draft. The consolation champion could be Fantasy Football Leagues given the option to pick their pick. It helps to make consolation less like a loser’s bracket.

3. Trade offers should be made early and often

Even absentee owners can have players that are worth trading. Remember that absentee owners can get back on their feet when times are tough.

Keep an eye on absentee owners’ rosters as the season progresses. Before the owner’s interest expires, identify your team’s needs. Make fair trade offers.

Not only will it help you to shore up your roster but it will also make absentee owners feel more invested in their team. This is a win-win situation for all league players.

4. Communicate with the absentee owners

This is not the sole responsibility of the commissioner. Each league member must do their part in making their league as competitive and enjoyable as possible. Reach out to owners if you find that they have not set up their lineups or rejected your trade offer.

It’s okay to hold owners responsible, especially if they have paid money to play. Don’t be afraid of reminding players who forget to pay their dues every week.

5. Make the absentee owner’s game into bye weeks or forfeits

Imagine what your league would do if an absentee owner called back and announced that they had a playoff contender. Imagine what would happen if fantasy football’s randomness helped an absentee owner pull off a major upset with a weak lineup.

These outcomes can damage the integrity of any fantasy league. It’s time to completely freeze an absentee owner’s fantasy football team if he or she goes several weeks without changing any of the lineups. Next, have a vote to decide if the owner should forfeit his games or go bye weeks. To ensure that every team in your league has the same number of games, forfeits are likely to be the best option.

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